Plenary & invited talks

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Joelle Mailloux
DT experiments in JET with the ITER-like wall

Jeronimo Garcia
Improved understanding of energetic ions impact on plasma confinement from theory and experiments

Elisabeth Wolfrum
The dual role of the plasma boundary in tokamaks

Tünde Fülöp
Modelling of electron runaway in cooling fusion plasmas

Simon D. Pinches
Role of Energetic Ions in the ITER Research Plan

Thomas Morgan
Linear plasma devices as tools to study plasma surface interactions and divertor physics

Annie Kritcher
“Hybrid-E” - the first igniting indirect-drive inertial fusion target

Sam Vinko
Towards more accurate exchange-correlation functionals using machine learning and differentiable programming

Stuart Mangles
Probing extreme physics with plasma accelerators

Pasquale Blasi
Non-linear cosmic ray transport in accelerators, around sources and around galaxies

George Wong
Probing the plasma near supermassive black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope

Stefanie Brygoo
Measuring the H-He properties under Jupiter interior conditions: challenge, approach, data and implications

Zoran Lj. Petrovic
Non-equilibrium as the cornerstone of collisional low-temperature plasmas: cross sections, kinetic phenomena and real world applications

David Go
Connecting the dots: Understanding the nature of plasma and liquid interactions

Hubertus Thomas
Complex plasmas in microgravity conditions on the International Space Station

Annick Pouquet
Alfvén Prize 2020 - Interactions of Waves and Turbulent Eddies: "Truth and Consequences" for transport and dissipation

Sergei Krasheninnikov
Alfvén Prize 2021 - Fascinating physics at the edge of magnetic fusion devices

Xavier Garbet
Alfvén Prize 2022 - Turbulent transport in magnetised plasmas

Dmytro Rafalskyi
Innovation Prize 2020 - Iodine-fuelled electric propulsion systems for satellites

Riccardo Betti
Landau Spitzer Prize 2020 - Progress in Direct Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion: Conventional and Shock Ignition


Costanza Maggi
Tritium experiments in JET-ILW in support of JET and ITER D-T plasmas

Gregor Birkenmeier
The power threshold of H-mode access in tritium and deuterium-tritium plasmas at JET with ITER-like wall

Teresa Estrada
Radial electric fields, turbulence and transport studies in W7-X and TJ-II

José Manuel García Regaña
Turbulent impurity transport simulations in stellarators

Peter Poloskei
Experimental study of the fast-ion confinement in W7-X based on FIDA spectroscopy

Ryan Sweeney
Overview of the SPARC Tokamak

Thierry Kremeyer
Particle balance and exhaust in Wendelstein 7-X

Artur Perek
Quantitative Balmer line analysis of multispectral imaging data to infer 2D maps of edge plasma parameters in TCV

Gianluigi Serianni
Overview of SPIDER NBI source for ITER

Dorothea Gradic
Inter-machine comparison of SOL particle dynamics in ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-X

Nina Schwarz
Experiments and non-linear MHD simulations of hot Vertical Displacement Events in ASDEX Upgrade for model validation and establishing predictive capabilities

Thomas Eich
Boundaries of high density operation due to plasma edge turbulence in ASDEX Upgrade

Alessandro Pau
Controlled avoidance of disruptions in tokamaks: experience and developments in TCV

Joaquin Galdon Quiroga
Impact of externally applied 3D magnetic perturbations on fast-ion confinement in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Davide Galassi
First full-size turbulence simulations of diverted TCV plasmas and comparison with experiments

Carine Giroud
High performance Ne-seeded baseline scenario in JET-ILW in support of ITER

Teobaldo Luda di Cortemiglia
Integrated modeling of H-mode tokamak confinement

Guillaume Brochard
Gyrokinetic simulation of internal kink and fishbone instabilities: verification and validation using DIII-D experiments, and prediction for ITER plasmas

Laszlo Horvath
Pedestal particle balance studies in JET-ILW H-mode plasmas

Georg Harrer
Stabilising effects in quasi continuous exhaust scenarios for a fusion reactor

Xiaodi Du
Visualisation of Fast Ion Phase-space Flow Driven by Alfven Instabilities

Matthias Willensdorfer
The increase in L-H power threshold due to externally applied non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations in ASDEX-Upgrade

Federico Felici
Magnetic Control of the TCV tokamak trough Deep Reinforcement Learning

Samuele Mazzi
Recognizing the hallmarks of the turbulent transport reduction by fast ions

Shinsuke Ohshima
Characterisation of Turbulence. Zonal Flow, and Turbulent Transport Against Hydrogen Isotope Ratio in a Turus Plasma Experiment

Daniele Margarone
Laser-driven proton-boron fusion and applications

Pravesh Patel
Demonstration of inertial confinement fusion capsule gain on the National Ignition Facility

Prashant Kumar Singh
Vacuum laser acceleration of super-ponderomotive electrons using relativistic transparency injection

Nektarios Papadogiannis
Efficient Laser Wake Field electron acceleration with chirped intense laser pulses

Xiaofei Shen
Monoenergetic High-energy Ion Source via Femtosecond Laser Interacting with a Microtape

Olga Rosmej
Foam targets in direct laser acceleration

Farhat Beg
Mitigation of magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability using density profiling and external magnetic field in gas puff Z-pinch plasmas

Arnaud Colaitis
3D Simulations Capture the Persistent Low-Mode Asymmetries Evident in Laser-Direct-Drive Implosions on OMEGA

Marta Fajardo
Spectroscopic and x-ray diagnostics for warm dense matter and applications

Matthew Streeter
Automated plaser-plasma accelerators

Charlotte Palmer
Automated control and optimisation of high-intensity laser-solid interactions at up to 5 Hz

Cedric Thaury
Laser-plasma acceleration beyond the diffraction and dephasing limits

Kenan Qu
Creating observable collective QED plasma effects

Weipeng Yao
Laboratory evidence for proton energization by collisionless shock surfing

Vicente Valenzuela-Villaseca
Characterization of quasi-Keplerian, differentially rotating, free-boundary laboratory plasmas

Andrei M. Beloborodov
Fast radio bursts: the ultrastrong electromagnetic waves

Bart Ripperda
Reconnection in black hole magnetospheres

Renaud Gueroult
Wave propagation in rotating plasmas

Artem Bohdan
Electron acceleration at supernova remnants

Marco Miceli
Studying plasma heating and particle acceleration in collisionless shocks through astrophysical observations

Lucia Kleint
Solar and stellar flares: recent advances and open questions

Suzana de Souza e Almeida Silva
Uncovering the Lagrangian Skeleton of Solar Atmospheric Turbulence

Francesco Pucci
Turbulence induced by magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetosphere: numerical simulations and comparison with observations

Alexandre Lazarian
Particle acceleration in astrophysical turbulence

Vladimir Zhdankin
Particle energization in radiative relativistic plasma turbulence

Richard van de Sanden
Renewable energy driven non-thermal chemistry: Plasma chemistry as the special case

Annemie Bogaerts
Plasma technology for electrification of chemical reactions

Marco Minissale
Experimental advances to unveil the fundamental mechanisms of the interaction between charged particles and nuclear fusion relevant materials

Augusto Stancampiano
Cold atmospheric pressure plasma in interaction with multiphase environments

Wonho Choe
Plasma jets stabilize water to splash less

Alejandro Alvarez Laguna
High-order moment models for partially-ionized plasmas

Lucia Daniela Pietanza
Non-equilibrium CO2 plasma kinetics

Paola Diomede
Insight into chemistry and transport in CO2 microwave discharges through comparisons between simulations and experiments

Christina Knapek
COMPACT – A new Complex Plasma Facility for the ISS

Lénaïc Couëdel
Influence of discharge parameters on the mode-coupling instability in two-dimensional complex plasma crystals