PPCF/EPS PhD Poster Prizes

The international journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (PPCF), and the European Physical Society (EPS) are proud to jointly sponsor the PPCF/EPS Student Poster Prizes at the 48th EPS Plasma Physics conference. The competition is judged by members of the Conference Programme Committee. PhD students that wish their poster to be considered for the prize should make sure that they have uploaded their (draft) poster to the online conference platform by Monday 20 June.


This years prizes have been awarded to:

  • Bernardo Malaca (Group of  Lasers and Plasmas, IST Lisbon, Portugal) poster title: "Superradiance from superluminal nonlinear plasma wakefields"
  • Rui Torres (Group of  Lasers and Plasmas, IST Lisbon, Portugal) poster title: "General relativistic particle-in-cell simulations of compact neutron star magnetospheres"
  • Nicholas Vivenzi (Centro Ricerche Fusione, Universita di Padova, Italy) poster title: "Non-linear visco-resistive MHD modelling of reversed field-pinch fusion plasmas: viscosity coefficient studies"
  • Francis Pagaud (Laboratoire de Physique a l'ENS de Lyon, France) poster title: "Plasma potential control in a weakly magnetized plasma column using negatively-biased emissive electrode"