FuseNet Master Thesis Prizes

The FuseNet Master Thesis Prize winners are

Lidija Radovanovic - TU Wien, Fusion @ ÖAW
For her thesis on "Ballooning Stability Analysis of the ASDEX-Upgrade small-ELM regime

Verena Mitterauer - TU Munich, Max Planck IPP
For her thesis on "Non-linear simulations of the penetration of error fields into tokamak plasmas

Jan Čečrdle - CTU Prague, Czech Academy of Science IPP
For his thesis on "Simulation of behavior of liquid metal divertor heat shield on tokamak COMPASS Upgrade

Thilo Romba - TU Eindhoven, Max Planck IPP
For his thesis on "Validation of the W7-X CXRS for impurity density profiles

Thimo Thun - RWTH Aachen, Max Planck IPP
For his thesis on "Reinforcement Learning for Wendelstein 7-X Divertor heat load control